Discontinuation of PayPal as a authorized Payment Provider

  • 19th October 2021
CycloneServers will be discontinuing PayPal as a Payment Provider effective immediately as the mounting issues with PayPal's IPN and subscriptions have begun to cause billing issues with our clients. In addition to the issues, PayPal has continued to increase its Payment Gateway fees to the point certain plans have become unfeasible to ...
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Dallas Downtime

  • 20th July 2019
Due to DIMM slot related issues with our Dallas Server Motherboard, our Data Center will be bringing the server offline completely to swap our SSDs/Raid Controllers to another Dedicated Server. They will be cloning ALL network configurations on their end so there should not be any network configuration issues as a result.   Update: 1:50 ...
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SMTP Policy Update

  • 6th January 2016
January 06, 2016SMTP Policy UpdateThis SMTP policy is effective immediately and will affect Cyclone Servers' VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting services.Due to our automation of server provisioning and the problems that bulk unsolicited commercial email (UCE), or otherwise "spam" has caused on our networks, we are implementing this policy to ...
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Server Upgrade

  • 27th December 2014
During the over night hours of December 27, 2014 we will be preforming year end maintenance to prepare for 2015, this will start at 8pm EST (-5GMT) and last until 8 am EST . During the time of maintenance all websites including Cyclone Servers will be offline. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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