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CloudFlare Via Their Website

If you would like to setup CloudFlare manually using the CloudFlare website you can follow the tutorial in this article.

1) Visit CloudFlare and create an account.

2) Enter the website you wish to add CloudFlare to and click Add website

3) Watch the introduction video while CloudFlare attempts to pull your current DNS information. Once the scan is complete, click continue.

4) Check your DNS entries and ensure that all the records you need are included. If you see any missing ones, you can add them at the bottom of the page. Once done, click the “I’ve added all missing records, continue” button.

5) Select the plan you wish to use. For this article, we will use the free plan. If you pick any other plan, you will be asked for payment information on this page.

6) Select the type of performance and the security level you wish to use. Once finished, click continue.

7) You will now be prompted to update your domains DNS name servers. You can do this by vising your domain registrar. Once you have updated your name servers, click continue.

That’s it! Please keep in mind that it can take time for the DNS name server changes to be picked up by CloudFlare. If CloudFlare does not pick up the changes right away, you can request that they “re-test” the account from the websites tab of your CloudFlare account.

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